NorSouth Constructs’ unique Approach to building properties on-time and within budget is based on a tested and proven planning and coordination process. Developers engage NorSouth Constructs to be their third-party General Contractor and an integral team member. Once a plan is established, pricing is refined by considering additional factors, including consistency, code compliance and design completeness. This approach yields many benefits for NorSouth Constructs clients. Following the NorSouth Constructs process provides clients with the peace of mind knowing they will not be charged for a change order during the project lifecycle. Properties that are on time and on budget are just two of the biggest reasons clients return for one project after another. And maximizing the return on investment gives everyone involved a sense of satisfaction and pride for the property. Click here for an interactive look at our process.


As part of the Developer Process, we identify specific markets or sites and visualize possibilities. This includes general or specific site description and geography, general or specific product type/parameters, and engaging NorSouth Constructs as General Contractor. Not only that, but NorSouth delivers, with advocacy and expertise based on 25+ years of construction, development, and operational experience. This includes:
  • Leadership in a cutting edge “conception to completion” process ensuring ease of execution, appropriate capitalization and risk mitigation
  • Access to key personnel and resources
  • Preliminary construction budget/benchmark based on current and historic market information

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